Enterprise Resource Planning

For most organizations, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are the vital backbone of all of their business transactions and communications. ERP systems today are increasingly becoming beyond simply being the core of transaction processing for large, complex enterprises, they are often the launch pad for entrepreneurial initiatives such as e-business and B2B commerce.

Large ERP applications help bring innovation and change in the business. The changes sometimes come from the business and sometimes they’re driven by The vendor or other external forces. In all cases, ERP-related changes must be managed effectively as ERP applications play a vital role in delivering high-quality goods and services.

Sarisys ERP services addresses the following key areas.

  • Support for automated and manual testing, leveraging tools specifically designed for ERP applications.
  • Support initiatives to aid in the performance tuning and optimization of ERP applications.
  • Strategic sourcing to help manage your technical upgrades and migrations.
  • Solution installation and administration
  • Operation support, development and upgrade solutions.

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